Pelosi Gives Interview On CNN Following Debate


Hello everyone! Let’s jump right into the latest political drama heating up the airwaves. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to CNN on Sunday to staunchly defend President Biden following his rocky debate performance. And folks, she didn’t hold back!

During the interview, CNN host Dana Bash asked Pelosi if she thought Biden should consider stepping aside. Pelosi’s response was crystal clear: “My people are very much Biden-Kamala Harris, and this is an opportunity for Joe Biden to go out there and show he has the stamina.”

Pelosi didn’t stop there. She took a direct shot at former President Trump, suggesting that some healthcare professionals believe Trump might have dementia. “His connection, his thoughts do not go together. Not only that he just lies, he doesn’t even know the truth, so if we’re just talking about mental acuity, let’s be fair about it,” she remarked.

Pelosi emphasized that lawmakers see Biden “up close” and know he’s well-attuned to the issues facing Americans. “We know how informed he is. I debate with him about the issues… He’s right there. So, in any case, it was a bad night. Let’s not sugarcoat that. It was a bad night. It was a great presidency. And that’s what the American people have to choose,” she added.

Bash then pointed out that Pelosi made “the argument for Joe Biden’s reelection in a way that he did not.” When asked if there was a mechanism in place if Biden wanted to step aside, Pelosi responded that Biden should be the one to take the ball over the finish line, warning that anything else could be chaotic.

Pelosi clarified, “Joe Biden has won the nomination. He has won the nomination,” even though Bash noted that Biden hasn’t officially secured it yet. Pelosi countered, explaining the unique timing of this election year.

Adding fuel to the fire, Tom Friedman, a columnist for The New York Times and a friend to Biden, has called on the president to drop out, saying the debate made him “weep.” Friedman warned that if Biden insists on running and loses to Trump, it would be a significant blow to his legacy and those who supported his campaign.