Missionaries Look For Ways Out Of Haiti


A group of American missionaries is trapped in the war-torn country of Haiti, pleading for rescue as they are constantly bombarded by gunfire and surrounded by rotting corpses in the streets. These brave individuals have been abandoned by the Biden administration, who offered little assistance beyond a generic message to “be safe.”

Jill Dolan, leader of the missionary group Love A Neighbor, expressed her frustration with the lack of support from the U.S. Embassy. She stated that the gunfire never stops, and they fear for their safety. Other missionaries and charity volunteers in different parts of Haiti share a similar sentiment, feeling abandoned and helpless.

One missionary, Miriam Cinotti, came to Haiti to rescue young women from gang violence but now finds herself trapped in a dangerous situation with no way out. Another missionary, named Lynn, shared that her husband is diabetic and unable to obtain medication due to the security crisis in Haiti.

The daughter of a 75-year-old Marine veteran, Boyce Young, is also desperately trying to rescue her father, who traveled to Haiti on a mission to help with humanitarian assistance. Kim Patterson has been working tirelessly to secure her father’s safe return but has received no assistance from the Biden administration.

As these Americans suffer in Haiti, congressional Republicans are speaking out against Biden’s lack of action. Representative Mike Waltz of Florida pointed out that members of Congress have had to organize rescue missions for U.S. citizens in Haiti, Israel, and even Afghanistan as the administration continues to fail to protect its citizens.

However, Republican Representatives Cory Mills and Lisa McClain took matters into their own hands and successfully evacuated ten Americans from an orphanage in Port-au-Prince on Monday night. Mills, who organized rescue missions in Afghanistan and Israel last year, criticized the Biden administration’s repeated pattern of abandonment.

One of the Americans rescued from the orphanage was Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom, who had reached out to Representative McClain for help. McClain was able to contact Mills, who took immediate action to rescue the stranded Americans.

In a statement, McClain expressed her gratitude towards Mills and her anger towards the State Department for their lack of action. She also reminded people not to forget about those who are still trapped and in need of help.

It is both infuriating and heartbreaking to see American citizens in such a perilous situation, abandoned by their own government. This is yet another example of the Biden administration’s incompetence and failure to protect its citizens. We salute representatives like Mills and McClain for their heroic efforts and urge the administration to take immediate action to rescue all Americans who are still trapped in Haiti.