LSU Loses In Elite 8


On Monday night, the LSU women’s basketball team caused controversy when they left the court just before the national anthem was played before their game against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournament.

On the other hand, the Hawkeyes team stood on the court and held hands during the anthem, showing respect for the country and its symbols.

While the Iowa team showed honor and patriotism, the LSU team’s actions showed disrespect and disregard for the anthem and what it stands for. This is not the first time LSU’s women’s team has chosen to not be present during the national anthem. Last year, they also did not appear for the anthem before their game against Iowa in the national championship.

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey attempted to explain the team’s absence during the anthem, stating that they have a routine where they leave the court at a certain time before the game. However, this seems like a cheap excuse as this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.

According to Baton Rouge sports reporter Chessa Bouche, “LSU is never on the court for the National Anthem. … If you ever go to an actual LSU game, you’ll see that they’re never on the court for the anthem. It’s that simple. I’ve covered them for 3 years & they’ve never been.”

It is concerning to see a sports team, especially one representing a prestigious university, disregard the importance of the national anthem. The anthem symbolizes unity and pride for our country and should be respected by all Americans, regardless of their personal beliefs.

In addition to the controversy surrounding the anthem, the game also had a star player that made headlines. Iowa’s Caitlin Clark scored 41 points and had 12 assists, securing her team’s victory and a spot in the Final Four. However, it was not just her impressive performance that caught attention, but also LSU’s star player, Angel Reese, who fouled out in the fourth quarter.

Despite the loss, LSU’s coach Mulkey had high praise for Clark, calling her a “generational player.” But she also made a comment that showed her frustration, saying, “I sure am glad you’re leaving,” implying that her team was relieved to no longer have to face Clark’s talent.

Ultimately, disrespecting the national anthem shows a lack of character and sends a negative message to fans and viewers. It is a shame that the LSU women’s team chose to act this way, and their actions should not be tolerated.