John Mellencamp Gets Heckled & Walks Off Stage


Classic rocker John Mellencamp is known for his fiery temper, and he didn’t disappoint during a recent concert in Ohio.

The 72-year-old star lashed out at an audience member who interrupted his story on stage, with Mellencamp telling the heckler to “shut the f— up” and even threatening to have security remove him from the show. Mellencamp continued to berate the crowd, saying he could “stop this show right now and just go home” if they didn’t quiet down.

This isn’t the first time Mellencamp has lost his cool with fans; he’s been known to clash with rowdy audience members in previous concerts. Some may call him an “uncompromising performer,” but others may say he’s living up to his profane nickname, “Little Bastard.”

In a 2014 interview, Mellencamp admitted that many people think he’s “hard to get along with,” but he brushes it off and points to his band members as proof that he’s not. However, his recent outburst at the concert shows otherwise.

Mellencamp’s behavior raises questions about his professionalism and respect for his fans. Is he really too good to take a few heckles from the crowd? One would think that as a successful musician, he would have thicker skin and be able to handle a little noise from the audience.

It’s a shame that Mellencamp’s bad attitude overshadowed what could have been a great show for the 2,400 fans in attendance. Instead of focusing on his performance, they were subjected to a temper tantrum from a 72-year-old man.

Mellencamp’s upcoming concert in Birmingham is sure to be an interesting one, as fans wonder if they should keep their opinions to themselves during the show. But one thing’s for sure: those attending are hoping for a smooth and drama-free performance. No one wants to witness another meltdown from “Little Bastard.”