Harris Travels To San Juan


In another moment of cringe-worthy missteps, Vice President Kamala Harris embarrassingly stumbled into a not-so-welcoming situation during her recent trip to Puerto Rico. While touring a community center, Harris was met with a group of protesters who were less than pleased with her presence.

Chanting against her and holding up signs labeling her a “war criminal,” Harris was clearly not a popular figure among the Puerto Rican people. And it’s no wonder why. Harris, like her boss, President Joe Biden, has become synonymous with failures and embarrassments, particularly when it comes to the hot-button issue of immigration and the border crisis.

But Kamala, being Kamala, was utterly oblivious to the unrest brewing right outside the center’s doors. As she entered the center’s courtyard, she couldn’t help but clap and nod along to the sound of a band playing nearby.

Little did she know that the song being sung was a not-so-subtle dig at her and the Biden administration’s shortcomings. Harris finally caught on when the center’s executive director, Mariana Reyes, translated the lyrics for her. And the look on her face said it all.

“We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for?” they said.

They also reportedly sang, “Long live Free Palestine and Haiti too!”

But this moment perfectly encapsulates the entire Biden-Harris administration thus far – entirely out of touch and clueless about the reality of the situation. As the border crisis continues to escalate and Americans lose trust in their ability to handle the issue, Harris is nowhere to be found. And when she does decide to appear, it’s met with protest and disgust.

But hey, at least she can clap and dance to some music, right? Meanwhile, the border crisis rages on, and the American people are left to suffer the consequences. It’s no wonder that Harris’ trip to Puerto Rico only further cemented the Biden-Harris administration’s reputation as a complete disaster.