Here Comes the Trump Effect Again…Watch


The Trump effect is happening again, against all odds. The more the Democrats go after the former president, the more popular he becomes with the GOP.

All the press can talk about is the impending indictment of Trump in the case against in New York City. And now the Manhattan prosecutor has had to delay the progress of the case due to former Michael Cohen legal adviser Robert Costello’s testimony on Monday.

Costello revealed that Trump had no knowledge of the alleged payment to Daniels and that Cohen was a “serial liar.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has called for an investigation into the “abuse of power” being exercised by the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

Actor Chris Rock was at an event in D.C. when he filleted former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Administration over the alleged coming arrest of Trump.

“Are you guys really going to arrest Trump?” Rock asked.

“Do you know this is only going to make him more popular. It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records. Are you stupid?” he said.

And Elon Musk predicted that if they went this route, it was going to help Trump win in a “landslide.”

But the Democrats keep trying to smear Trump, and it only makes him more popular. There is a new poll from Monmouth University seems to prove this theory.

According to the poll, Trump has now surged to a 14-point lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has not formally declared yet but it’s pretty clear at this point that he intends to run.

Trump is now up on him 41-27 in the poll. A month ago, in the same poll, they were tied. The momentum looks like it’s all going to Trump at this moment if this poll is accurate.

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