Fulton County Expected To Announce Indictments Soon Says Reports


It has been reported that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to seek indictments from a grand jury next week as part of her criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his allies’ attempts to subvert Georgia’s 2020 presidential election results. According to witnesses subpoenaed for the case, Willis has been looking into potential counts of conspiracy and racketeering.

This is seriously getting ridiculous. 

Racketeering, or RICO, is a statute that Willis has employed in the past for cases including for teachers and musicians in the Atlanta area. As such, should Willis present a RICO case against Trump and his allies, it would allow her to bring charges against multiple defendants.

Some of the individuals who have already testified before a special grand jury taking up the Trump case include former Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, former Georgia Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan and independent journalist George Chidi. The investigation began in early 2021, shortly after Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to improperly pressure Raffensperger to “find” votes that would secure an election win for Trump.

Trump, who has consistently maintained that the call was “perfect” and brushed off efforts to link him to the scandal, believes he will be charged when the indictments are issued next week. His belief has been shared by his inner circle, who also believe they are facing charges in the matter.

Adding another layer to the case is special counsel Jack Smith’s federal indictment of Trump on four counts related to attempts to remain in power after his election loss. Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case, and his legal team is of the belief that their client will soon face yet another indictment. When asked about the developments on a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Trump complained, “I probably have another one.”

What happens in the future remains to be seen but remember what happened in Baltimore after the Freddie Gray mess. The prosecutor wanted to make a name for herself, hauled in everyone involved, and made big statements to the press.

When the dust cleared, prosecutor Marylin Mosby lost the case, was sued, and is facing federal charges.