Michigan Officials Face Lawsuit After Discovery In Emails


The state of Michigan is facing a lawsuit alleging that Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office received a coded email related to a local water crisis. The email, sent by a consultant to the state energy department, was disguised in a Greek alphabet font and sent to the governor’s senior energy adviser Kara Cook in September of 2021.

The court filing claims that the email, which referenced the Flint water crisis and warned of “major red flags,” was “calculated to conceal statements” and wouldn’t be found in public records requests for government communication.

The lawsuit was filed by Benton Harbor, Michigan, residents claiming that the state and city officials lied to residents knowing that the hazardous levels of lead in the tap water were unsafe. The lawsuit was filed on the same day as a federal judge approved a $626 million settlement for victims of the Flint water crisis.

“We take these allegations very seriously and are reviewing the lawsuit,” said Governor Whitmer’s office in a statement. “Protecting the health and safety of all Michiganders is a top priority of this administration and we are committed to ensuring that all communities have access to safe drinking water.”

The discovery comes as it has been alleged that Biden used alias while Vice President.

From Time Magazine:

Joe Biden used Gmail addresses with the name “robinware456” and “JRBWare” during his time as Vice President. He also used a government-issued pci.gov account with the name “Robert.L.Peters”. The pci.gov domain has been used for emails of officials working in the executive office of the president. The National Archives has retained thousands of emails connected to those accounts in its records from Biden’s time as Vice President.

So in a span of 14 days, we’ve learned that Biden used several email aliases while in office and Democrat officials in Michigan are using Greek to shield emails from the public.