Dem Senator Busted Look Who Gave Him Luxury Home



It’s funny how all these Democrats pushing green energy seem to be getting big “gifts.”

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia recently raised eyebrows after it was revealed that he purchased a waterfront condominium from a senior executive at Dominion Energy, a multibillion-dollar energy company. According to his financial disclosures, Kaine and his wife Anne Holton paid $895,000 for the luxury condominium in Richmond in March of 2022.

The condominium is described as “one of a kind” and “one of the largest and finest condos” in Richmond, with two master suites, a “gourmet kitchen” and three parking spaces. Kaine also earned up to $15,000 by renting the apartment back to the “previous owner”. A spokesperson for Kaine clarified that it was rented to a tenant who was living in the condominium at the time of the purchase and not the previous owner.

As for the source of the condominium, Kaine purchased it from George Marget, deputy general counsel for Dominion Energy. The company is currently developing the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project, the state’s first offshore wind farm. This project, located off the state’s southeastern coast near Virginia Beach, currently consists of two operational pilot wind turbines and is on track to be fully constructed by 2026 with between 176 and 205 turbines sprawled across 112,800 acres.

“Senator Kaine and Anne Holton bought their condo from the Margets in a transaction negotiated by realtors,” a spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “The Margets did not live in this condo and instead had a long-term tenant who rented the condo from them. This tenant, who was not a Dominion employee, asked whether he could remain in the condo for a period of time after the sale while he looked for a new place.”

“Senator Kaine and his wife agreed to rent the condo to the tenant for approximately two months for the same rental amount the tenant had previously paid the Margets,” the Kaine spokesperson added. “Senator Kaine’s financial disclosure form is being corrected to reflect that the condo was rented to the ‘previous occupant,’ not the ‘previous owner.’”

Many have criticized Kaine for his condo purchase given the company’s massive offshore wind development in his own state. Kaine argues that his purchase of the condominium was “negotiated by realtors” and that he was complying with his financial disclosure form requirement. Others view the purchase as an apparent conflict of interest due to the relationship between Kaine and Dominion Energy.