Congressmans Spar With Durham Doesn’t Pan Out Like He Hoped – WATCH


It’s not the first time Rep. Jerry Nadler has acted bizarrely.

Nadler stuck his foot in his mouth after John Durham – who was testifying before congress – gave his opening statement.

Durham said, “Our findings were sobering. I tell you, after having spent 40 years-plus as a federal prosecutor, they were particularly sobering for me and a number of my colleagues who have spent decades in the FBI themselves, they were sobering.”

“While I’m encouraged by some of the reforms that have been implemented by the FBI, the problems identified in this report, anybody who actually reads this report, the details of the report, the documented portions of the report, I think will find the problems identified in the report are not susceptible to overnight fixes,” Durham added.

“As we said in the report, it can not be addressed solely by enhancing training or additional policy requirements. Rather, what is required is accountability, both in terms of the standards by which our law enforcement personnel hold themselves and in the consequences they face for violations of laws and policies of relevance,” he said.

Despite the entire Russiagate theory being blow up by the special prosecutors report Nadler just couldn’t help himself spouting off the now debunked conspiracy theories.

“The report itself outlines some fairly glaring investigative missteps. The FBI apparently never even looked at a thumb drive with key evidence related to allegations of contact between the Trump campaign and the Russian government via a Russian cellphone, nor says the report did the FBI ever examine questionable computer contact between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, one of the largest banks in Russia. The report also fails to recommend a single remedial measure that the Justice Department or the FBI might take to address certain process-related concerns,” Nadler said.

Durham directly shut down the Congressman and poor Jerry had some issues.