Colorado City Struggles With Budget


Denver Mayor Mike Johnston is facing backlash after news broke that the city would be laying off employees due to financial pressures caused by Joe Biden’s illegal alien crisis. The city is now considering hiring illegal immigrants for government jobs, a move that has sparked fierce debate among state Democrats.

Last week, it was reported that Denver was planning to lay off citizens who work for the city as a result of budget cuts. However, city officials were quick to clarify that some employees would have their hours reduced to zero rather than be laid off completely. This decision has raised red flags for many residents who are struggling financially, while the city continues to provide services and resources for illegal aliens.

Despite concerns about violating federal employment laws and the potential consequences, some state Democrats are pushing for the city to hire illegal immigrants for government jobs. U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper even suggested that the city should be willing to face legal costs and challenges from the federal government if it means providing work for illegal immigrants.

The controversy surrounding Denver’s hiring of illegal immigrants is compounded by the fact that many citizens are currently struggling to make ends meet. As resources are being allocated to accommodate illegal aliens, local residents are facing cuts to services like rec centers and reduced hours. This has left many feeling frustrated and forgotten by their government.

Mayor Johnston has acknowledged the strain on the city’s budget and said that citizens are facing cuts as a result. But despite his concerns about incentivizing more illegal immigration, he has not taken a firm stance against hiring illegal immigrants for government jobs. This has only further fueled the debate and frustration among residents.

One thing is clear: the city is facing a difficult financial situation and the burden is falling on its citizens. As long as the government continues to prioritize the needs of illegal immigrants over its own citizens, this issue will only continue to divide communities and harm those in need.