Catholic Groups Respond To Permit Being Denied


The Biden administration is facing another legal challenge, this time from a Catholic service organization that has accused them of religious discrimination.

The Knights of Columbus, a long-standing charity group, has filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against the National Park Service (NPS) in Petersburg, Virginia after they were denied a permit to hold their annual Memorial Day mass at the Poplar Grove National Cemetery.

This denial marks the second year in a row that the Knights of Columbus have been unable to hold their religious service at the cemetery, where they have been honoring fallen soldiers for the past 60 years. The decision to block their tradition has caused outrage among conservative and religious groups, who see it as a violation of their First Amendment rights and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

John Moran, an attorney representing the Knights, stated that the decision to deny the permit was “blatant discrimination” and urged the court to grant the temporary restraining order to allow their service to take place this Memorial Day. He argues that the park’s policy and decisions are a direct violation of religious freedom.

However, an official from the National Park Service defended the decision, stating that national cemeteries are reserved for official commemorative activities and that such services or vigils are considered “demonstrations” and are prohibited. They also emphasized that the cemetery is a national shrine dedicated to those who have served and died for our country.

Representatives from the Knights of Columbus have stated that they had been allowed to hold their service at the cemetery for many years and that the recent shift in policy is a clear example of discrimination and censorship. They are calling on the court to intervene and protect their long-standing tradition.

The NPS has stated that they do not comment on pending litigation.

The Biden administration has yet to comment on the lawsuit. However, this is not their first legal challenge regarding religious freedom. Many conservatives and religious groups have accused the administration of infringing on their rights and values, and this latest lawsuit adds to the growing list of legal battles against the current administration.