CBS News Releases New Report On Joe


Hello everyone! Have you heard the latest buzz in the political world? A recent report by CBS News and YouGov has got everyone talking, and it’s all about President Joe Biden’s fitness to serve.

According to this report, nearly three-fourths of registered voters, a whopping 72%, believe that Biden, at 81 years old, does not have the mental and cognitive health needed to be president. Let’s break this down and see what’s really going on.

First up, the numbers are pretty striking. Only 27% of those polled think Biden has what it takes to fulfill the duties of the presidency. Among Democratic registered voters, 41% share this doubt—a notable increase from 29% earlier in June. This growing concern within his own party is quite significant.

Now, when it comes to former President Donald Trump, the picture is a bit different. About half of the registered voters, 50%, believe Trump, who is 78, is mentally and cognitively fit to serve as president, while 49% disagree. It’s interesting to see how public opinion varies so much between these two leaders, isn’t it?

Just three weeks ago, on June 9, CBS News and YouGov found that fewer voters doubted Biden’s capability, with 65% questioning his fitness and 35% expressing confidence in his mental and cognitive health. So, there’s been a noticeable shift in public perception following the recent debate.

This debate seems to have sparked quite a bit of concern among Democrats. In fact, there’s been a push, even from The New York Times editorial board, for Biden to consider stepping down from the race. The panic is palpable, with discussions about who might be a better candidate if Biden were to bow out.

In a Biden campaign fundraising email, a graphic compared Biden’s numbers against Trump to other potential Democratic candidates like Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom. The message suggested that these alternatives aren’t as likely to win, yet the chart shows they are similar to Biden. It’s a fascinating look at the internal debates within the Democratic Party.

The report also indicated that 72% of registered voters think Biden shouldn’t run for president, up from 63% in February. Among Democrats, this sentiment has also grown, with 46% now saying he shouldn’t run, compared to 36% earlier.

Voters’ concerns center around Biden’s age, decision-making ability, record as president, and campaign effectiveness. However, 55% of Democratic registered voters still believe Biden should continue his campaign, though 45% think he should step aside.

This report, based on a national sample of 1,130 registered voters contacted from June 28-29, comes with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 points. Biden’s performance in the debate has significantly impacted voter confidence, sparking intense discussions about the future of his campaign and the Democratic Party’s strategy for the upcoming election. Stay tuned, folks, because this political drama is far from over!