Can We Just Say It? Mayorkas Is Lying – Watch


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is vying for the position of biggest liar in the White House administration. But that is a highly contested position. 

Mayorkas has finally admitted to a southern border truth that has been clear from the first days of the Biden administration.

The Biden Border Chaos just rolls right on with no signs of it slowing down, and Mayorkas just told a “pro-migration” lawyer that gaps do exist in Biden’s new border rules.

You don’t say…But the DHS, just like his boss, blamed the U.S. Congress for those deficiencies. 

It was reported by Breitbart that Mayorkas, in a March 15 interview with Ahilan Arulanantham, that there were many exceptions and loopholes in Biden’s proposed illegal immigration curbs. 

He said, “It is about taking one’s ideals, taking one’s ambitions, in seeking to realize those ideals, and meeting the moment, the reality with that we confront … How do you propose that we handle 8,000 people each day when we are not [funded by Congress] for that?”

But Joe Biden promised throughout the 2020 presidential campaign to allow for an onslaught of migrants coming across the border. 

And as of August 2022, about five million foreign nationals have illegally entered the United States. 

Add to that, a majority of those apprehended are “processed” and promptly released into the country.

Despite these crushing numbers, Mayorkas has continued to insist that the border is not only secure, but the DHS has “operational control” of the entire southern border.

When Homeland Security Committee Chair, Republican Rep. Mark Green, asked Chief of Border Patrol Raul Ortiz if the U.S. had “operational control of our entire border?” Ortiz answered in just two words: “No, sir.”

Officials played a video of DHS Sec. Mayorkas testifying the US has control of the border. Green then asked Ortiz if Mayorkas was lying.

Ortiz wouldn’t answer.

But we know the true answer.