Biden To Meet With Dem Governors


Hello everyone! We’ve got some breaking news from the world of politics that’s sure to stir things up. On Tuesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper exposed a potentially explosive conference call between several Democratic Governors. The call, organized by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, expressed deep concerns about President Biden’s health and his ability to continue his campaign.

This revelation underscores a growing fracture within the Democratic Party. Governors on the call emphasized the need to hear directly from President Biden to reassure them of his fitness rather than from Vice President Harris or other members of his inner circle. This demand highlights a serious concern among party leaders about Biden’s capacity to campaign against former President Donald Trump and secure a win in November.

However, Tapper deleted the posts shortly after. The left has gone insane again and are eating their own.

In the wake of Biden’s debate debacle last Thursday, where he appeared visibly tired and stumbled over his responses, the media and Democratic elites are no longer staying silent. Tapper’s reporting reveals a significant break in party unity as more officials voice their concerns. This situation exemplifies the struggle between Biden’s inner circle, who insist he is fine, and those within the party who are questioning this narrative.

Renowned journalist Carl Bernstein weighed in, describing a chaotic situation behind the scenes that echoes Trump’s previous claims about a controlling “swamp” in D.C. Bernstein reported that insiders have noticed a decline in Biden’s mental and physical fitness over the past year and a half, with multiple incidents mirroring his recent debate performance. His insights suggest that many around Biden, including some reporters, have observed these troubling signs but have kept quiet until now.

This discord within the party is not just a political issue; it raises ethical questions about elder abuse. Bernstein argues that Biden, visibly struggling and needing physical assistance, is being pushed beyond his limits by those around him, including his wife and close aides. This has led to calls for Biden to step aside for the sake of his health.

In response to growing concerns, the White House announced a meeting with Democratic governors on Wednesday. Governor Walz, along with other governors like California’s Gavin Newsom and Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker, will be in attendance. This meeting aims to shore up support for Biden following his shaky debate performance and address the governors’ concerns directly.

Notably, Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas became the first Democratic lawmaker to call on Biden to withdraw from the race publicly. This bold move reflects a broader sentiment within the party that Biden needs to address these issues head-on. While Vice President Harris was initially set to speak with the governors, they insisted on hearing from Biden himself, underscoring the urgency of their concerns.

As the situation develops, the pressure on Biden to prove his fitness for office continues to mount. With high-profile figures like Governor Andy Beshear and Governor Wes Moore expressing conditional support, the president faces a critical moment in his campaign. The coming days will be crucial in determining whether Biden can reassure his party and the nation of his leadership capability.