Figurine In Briefing Room Is Raising Some Questions – VIDEO


A source inside the White House has sent a video showing something that is not only unprofessional but absolutely disturbing.

Lately, the briefings at the White House have been very contentious. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was visibly frustrated when she was asked about Biden’s biographer admitting the president is often “tired.”

The Guardian reported that biographer Franklin Foer wrote:

“His advanced years were a hindrance, depriving him of the energy to cast a robust public presence or the ability to easily conjure a name,” Franklin Foer writes inThe Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future.

“It was striking that he took so few morning meetings or presided over so few public events before 10am. His public persona reflected physical decline and time’s dulling of mental faculties that no pill or exercise regime can resist.

“In private, he would occasionally admit that he felt tired.”


The White House is also struggling to explain why they are meeting with even Democrat leaders who are concerned about the migrant issues.

Recently, Greg Price, Communications Director of the State Freedom Caucus posted a video he received from a source inside the White House.

In the back of the briefing room where the cameras are appears to be a figurine of former President Trump’s head beaten down.

Remember when we were told that the “adults are back in charge?”

Can’t wait to hear the spin on this one.