Biden Met With Competition Council


Joe Biden’s latest attempt to distract from his failed policies and skyrocketing inflation is nothing short of comical.

In a desperate move to shift the blame from his own incompetence, Biden is now using muppets to promote his “shrinkflation” agenda.

Yes, you read that right. Cookie Monster, the beloved Sesame Street character, has been recruited to help Biden push his anti-corporation narrative.

First lady Jill Biden even jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting about her cookies being smaller. Are you kidding me? Is this what the leader of the free world has been reduced to?

But Biden didn’t stop there. He convened a meeting with his “Competition Council” to announce measures to “lower costs for hardworking families.” How about instead of wasting time on muppet meetings, he focuses on addressing the border crisis and surging crime rates?

But let’s not forget the highlight of his press conference – Biden’s inability to read his own teleprompter without flubbing his words and struggling to make coherent sentences. It’s no wonder he refused to take any questions afterward, claiming he would “get in trouble.” Who exactly is he afraid of? His wife or his handlers pulling the strings backstage?

And it’s not just his verbal blunders that are cause for concern. Did anyone else notice his vacant stare and zombie-like gaze? It’s like he’s not even there mentally. This man is supposedly the leader of the free world, and yet he can barely make it through a short speech without losing focus.

Honestly, at this point, it’s scary to think how long Biden can continue to hold his position. Anyone can see that he’s not up to the task.

But don’t worry, folks. Dems will surely spin this as another “historic” achievement for Biden.