Biden Heads To Scranton To Tout Tax Plan


Joe Biden, the out-of-touch President, made a trip down memory lane today, returning to his childhood home in working-class Scranton.

Biden, who often touts his roots in the city, kicked off a three-day campaign across Pennsylvania by calling for higher taxes on the rich and attacking former President Donald Trump’s economic policies.

Instead of focusing on the concerns of hardworking Americans, Biden chose to reframe the conversation around the economy, which has left many Americans feeling sour about their financial situation. The president proposed a 25% minimum tax rate for billionaires, claiming it would make the tax code fairer. However, this is just another attempt by the Democrats to punish success and redistribute wealth.

During his speech, Biden took a cheap shot at Trump’s failed social media platform, Truth Social, saying that if the former president’s company’s stock drops any lower, he might do better under Biden’s tax plan. This type of petty, divisive rhetoric is exactly what we have come to expect from Democrats.

Biden also took the opportunity to criticize Trump’s upbringing, claiming the former president only knows how to get rich by inheriting it. This is a prime example of how out of touch Biden is with middle-class Americans. Unlike Biden, Trump has created jobs and built a successful business empire, benefiting countless Americans. It’s a shame that Biden would rather attack his opponent than focus on the issues that truly matter.

In typical Democratic fashion, Biden is using class warfare to distract from his failed policies. He is blaming the wealthy for the country’s economic problems instead of taking responsibility for his own harmful actions. The truth is that Biden’s policies, such as the job-killing tax hikes, have resulted in rising inflation and an unsteady economy.

The president’s visit also conveniently overlaps with the start of Trump’s first criminal trial. While Biden is enjoying his campaign across Pennsylvania, Trump is tied up in a New York City courtroom. The Democrats are clearly trying to steer attention away from the trial, which further proves their inability to focus on the issues that truly matter.

Biden may have grown up in Scranton, but it’s clear he has lost touch with the middle-class values that the city represents. It’s time for Americans to see through the facade and realize that Biden’s policies will only harm hardworking Americans. We need a president who is focused on creating a strong economy and opportunities for all, not just playing political games and attacking his opponents.