Biden attends State Dinner In France


We’ve got quite the spectacle from Paris where Joe and Jill Biden attended a state dinner after a series of D-Day remembrances. This event had its share of memorable moments, some of which raised more eyebrows than glasses of champagne.

First off, Jill Biden’s whirlwind travel itinerary has been a hot topic. After flying back to Wilmington for Hunter Biden’s trial, she jetted off to Paris, sparking questions about the use of public funds. It seems Jill has a taste for the spotlight and isn’t ready to step away from it just yet.

Now, let’s talk about that dress. When Jill arrived at the state dinner, her dress was so tight that it seemed to hinder her walking. But the real kicker was the long train trailing behind her.

While some might call it glamorous, others had a different take. One commentator suggested it looked like she was dragging a bedsheet behind her. Ouch. And despite the fashion faux pas, she still had to help Joe up the stairs, adding to the spectacle.

It seemed that even though Jill had trouble walking in her dress, she still managed to help Joe up the stairs.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby weighed in, praising the friendship between Joe Biden and President Macron, calling them both “honest and forthright.” But isn’t honesty a double-edged sword here? Comparisons to Joe’s reputation might not be the compliment intended.

And then came Joe’s speech. He declared himself a “student of French history” and spun a yarn about being a “son of the American Revolution” due to his middle name, Robinette. According to Biden, he had an ancestor who came over with the Marquis de Lafayette and never returned home. While it’s a charming story, there’s no evidence to back it up. It seems Joe enjoys adding a bit of fiction to his heritage.

Interestingly, Joe’s sudden embrace of his “French” roots didn’t extend to the pronunciation of his name. He mispronounced “Robinette” in a way that no French speaker would, ignoring the French pronunciation that includes the “t” sound, like “baguette.” But hey, it’s Joe being Joe.

Social media had its fun too. Buzz Patterson quipped that the only role Joe hasn’t claimed yet is being one of the 12 disciples. Given time, who knows what new stories will emerge?