AP Facing Lawsuit In Israel


On October 7th, 2023, five families tragically lost their loved ones in a Hamas massacre at the Nova music festival. The victims were young, life-loving people who had their entire futures ahead of them, and were simply out to enjoy a night of music when they were brutally and senselessly killed.

As if this act of terrorism wasn’t heinous enough, a recent lawsuit has been filed against international news agencies Reuters and Associated Press (AP) by the families of the victims.

The lawsuit accuses the news agencies of publishing reports and photos taken by their own team of “journalists” who were not only present during the massacre but were also accomplices to the crime.

These journalists were not impartial bystanders, but rather actively participated in the attack and took photos and videos of the gruesome events. Some of these journalists were even affiliated with Hamas, the terror organization responsible for the attack.

The families are seeking justice and accountability for the death of their loved ones. They argue that the news agencies, who are known for their extensive coverage of events all over the world, should have known better than to hire journalists who were actively involved in terrorism. These journalists had a duty to inform authorities and prevent the attack, yet they chose to aid and document the terrorists instead.

It’s not the first time that these news agencies have come under fire for their questionable practices. In fact, a lawsuit was also filed against AP in 2023, alleging that the agency had financially supported terrorism by paying known agents of Hamas for their work.

The four freelance photographers in question had documented themselves holding weapons and taking part in the violence, yet their work was still purchased and published by AP without any apparent vetting process.

The fact that these news agencies have yet to publicly address these allegations or take any responsibility for their actions is alarming.

While the defense has not yet responded to the lawsuit, the families of the victims deserve justice and closure for the senseless loss of their loved ones.

Y Net News