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Feels like more leftist shenanigans to us.
The nation will just have to wait and see what Biden decides, but given the consistent inaction of his administration thus far, we wouldn't suggest holding your breath. 
This sort of cultural whitewashing has long been considered an evil pockmark on the history of war itself, and will certainly relegate Russia to the dimmer corners of the global community. 
As of 11pm on Monday, the shooter is still at large.
It's easy to see why the mainstream media is to blame.
Felony battery charges were issued and bail set at $2,500.
As President Biden continues to scrub away the stank of his "Sleepy Joe" nickname, he and his Democratic handlers have been working to conjure some new character arc for the reluctant Commander in Chief. The latest turnabout in the character arc of the President comes from alleged White House insiders who've conveniently suggested that Biden is "seething" behind close doors...