Zelenskyy Says Russia is Prepping Civilians for Nuclear War


The more trouble that Vladimir Putin finds himself in, the more likely it seems that he may do something drastic during his failed invasion of Ukraine, and those with intimate knowledge of the situation are beginning to sound the alarms.

Putin, who has watched his entire military’s reputation dissipate in front of his eyes over the last 8 months, has repeatedly suggested that he’s considering using nuclear weapons to turn the tide of the conflict.

Much of the world has dismissed these threats outright, knowing full well that such a decision would be the effective end of Putin’s reign, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy isn’t so sure.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday that Russia has begun to prepare its people for the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

“They begin to prepare their society. That’s very dangerous,” Zelensky said.

And also:

“They are not ready to do it, to use it. But they begin to communicate. They don’t know whether they’ll use or not use it. I think it’s dangerous to even speak about it,” he said.

Zelenskyy also had some harsh words for Putin himself.

When asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin could survive the war if Ukraine was victorious, Zelensky responded, “I don’t care.”

“He’s afraid of his people,” Zelensky said of Putin.

“Because only those people are capable of replacing him nowadays. Take away his power. Give it to someone else,” he said.

Russia’s military has begun to move several pieces of nuclear equipment around, including an enormous submarine capable of launching a “doomsday” nuclear weapon that would create enormous atomic tsunamis that would decimate the coastlines of any nation they so choose.