YouTube Declares Itself The Law: Will Delete ANY Video That Talks About…

YouTube may soon need to change its name, because there’ll be nothing you about it.

That’s because the video streaming service has decided that they will be curating the content on the platform as opposed to allowing their users to flourish.  Sure, you’ll still be allowed to post clips of your cat, or spend tens of hours a week putting on a professional looking program via YouTube Live, but your’e still only going to get paid after YouTube makes their money off of you.

And then, even if you do somehow manage to make any sort of cash off of the site’s inline advertising setup, the higher ups at the company could simply decide one day that the subject you cover in your YouTube videos is verboten.

In this way, YouTube is just crowd-sourced table television that doesn’t pay a living wage to all but the most spectacular of its “stars”.

This becomes especially true if the only subjects that you’re allowed to talk about are the ones already being covered by the mainstream media.

For example:  Voter fraud in the 2020 election.  The mainstream media isn’t covering it, leaving that to the alternative media who largely operates on YouTube.

Now, you’re not even allowed to talk about that. 

YouTube will remove any new videos alleging that President Donald Trump lost the US 2020 election to Joseph Biden because of fraud or errors, Google‘s massive video site said Wednesday on its YouTube blog. Essentially, YouTube now categorizes Biden’s victory and Trump’s loss as historical fact, and so it will crack down on new misleading videos alleging otherwise.

YouTube noted that its policies already prohibit videos alleging that fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical US presidential election, but “in some cases, that has meant allowing controversial views on the outcome or process of counting votes of a current election, as election officials have worked to finalize counts.” Now that enough states have certified their results to determine Biden is president-elect, YouTube will remove any piece of content uploaded Wednesday or afterward “that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 US Presidential election.”

So we say farewell to the spirit of YouTube, and to their formerly entrepreneurial ethos, and prepare ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of bland and pre-approved programming that are already to available to us through the coaxial.