Youngkin Responds To Biden After Speech


Joe Biden made a surprising blunder on Tuesday when he addressed voters in Manassas, Virginia. Despite having repeatedly criticized Donald Trump for refusing to accept the 2020 election results, Biden referred to Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic governor, as the “real governor” of Virginia. He made these comments while introducing McAuliffe at a campaign speech for abortion rights.

The irony of this statement was not lost on Biden’s critics. Just last month, Biden claimed that the 2024 election would be the most important since 1864 because “democracy is on the ballot.” Yet here he was, denying the legitimate election results in Virginia and seemingly unable to acknowledge Republican Glenn Youngkin as the state’s current governor.

Youngkin himself responded to the incident on Twitter, writing, “Mr. President, I’m right here.” His spokesperson also issued a statement, stating that “there are only two options here: either the president doesn’t know who is governor of Virginia right now, or he’s denying the results of Virginia’s 2021 election.” The Republican National Committee also chimed in, tweeting a video of the event with the caption, “Election Denier Joe Biden.”

The White House attempted to downplay the incident, claiming that Biden was simply making a joke about McAuliffe’s previous term as governor. However, this excuse falls flat when considering Biden’s previous criticisms of Trump. If it is unacceptable for Trump to refuse to acknowledge election results, then it should also be unacceptable for Biden to do the same.

This incident only adds to the mounting evidence that Biden is struggling as president. A recent poll from Virginia Commonwealth University showed that his approval rating has dropped to just 37%, with 54% of voters disapproving of his performance. In comparison, Republican Glenn Youngkin has seen a surge in popularity, with 54% of voters approving of his job as governor and only 31% disapproving.

This shift in popularity is likely due to Biden’s failed policies and lack of leadership. Just a year ago, he won Virginia by more than 10 points in the presidential election. Now, Biden’s lead over Trump has shrunk to just 3 points. This is a significant warning sign for Democrats, as Virginia has traditionally been a blue state.

One of the key issues for voters in Virginia is reproductive rights, which is why Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made it the focus of their campaign speech. This demonstrates the desperation of the Democratic party, as they attempt to rally voters by fearmongering about the potential for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

But while Democrats focus on divisive issues, Republicans like Glenn Youngkin are focusing on improving the lives of Virginians. Since taking office, Youngkin has managed to lower taxes and create jobs, all while protecting the rights of the unborn. This approach has resonated with voters, and could potentially lead to another significant victory for Republicans in Virginia in the 2024 midterms.

Joe Biden’s “joke” in Virginia only serves to further highlight his hypocrisy and his struggles as president. Despite his repeated criticisms of Trump’s election denial, Biden himself appears to be doing the same thing in Virginia by denying the legitimate results of the 2021 election. This incident only adds to the growing concerns about his leadership and the potential for a Republican surge in the upcoming elections.

New York Post | Washington Examiner