You Won’t Believe Who Joe Brought Back to Run Critical Race Theory Committee – Watch


President Joe Biden seems to be following the worst strategy possible for America’s future. On Thursday, Biden signed an executive order embedding the tenets of Critical Race Theory into the operations of the federal government. EO 13985 is an Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government.

It requires the establishment of “Agency Equity Teams” to ensure that equal outcomes are imposed on federal programs.

The Associated Press reported that Chiraag Bains, the president’s deputy assistant for racial justice and equity, indicates that Biden is “doubling down” on the commitment he made on his first day as president “to put equity at the center of how this government operates.”

It gets even worse, Biden is bringing in former President Barak Obama’s “consigliere,” Susan Rice to lead this effort. She will lead the White House Steering Committee on Equity. 

Rice is the person who lied about Benghazi on five networks on the same Sunday. She was the driving force behind using the FBI and the intelligence community to spy on Candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign. 

Stephen Miller, from America First Legal, noted this on Twitter: “Biden just issued an Executive Order transforming the federal gov’t into a DEI cult: installing equity czars in every agency and ordering every bureaucrat to use the state’s vast power to enforce “outcome-based” racial/gender equity in all decisions.”

So, to be clear, Biden weaponized the entire government of the United States to inflict on our whole nation what radicalized ultra-woke DEI departments have done to colleges & corporations — armed by the power of the state. And he did it without a single authorization or appropriation from Congress.

“RedState” reported this insight about Biden’s move, “The real purpose of this Executive Order and the racialist KGB it establishes is to transform the federal bureaucracy to ensure that the next president will have to contend with a wall of DIE/CRT fanatics embedded in the highest levels of the civil service.”

Thanks, Joe.