Blinken Delivers Horrible News, The Hamas Attack Is Even Worse Than Thought


Secretary of State Antony Blinken has confirmed that there are several Americans among the kidnapped and dead by the Hamas terror attack.

“We have reports that several Americans were killed.  We’re working overtime to verify that.  At the same time, there are reports of missing Americans, and there again, we’re working to verify those reports,” Blinken said during an interview with CNN.

During an interview with NBC News Blinken admited that Iran “unfortunately always used and focuses it funds on supporting terrorism.”

Blinken was asked, “what do you say about the argument that money is fungible — so Iran may have known this money is coming and used other funds to help fund this attack?”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “Iran has unfortunately always used and focused its funds on supporting terrorism.”

Will Cain from Fox & Friends Sunday reported that the Israeli’s Ambassador to the UN reported that dozens of American citizens are being held hostage in Gaza.

Is it unclear how the Biden administration will respond but there are reports that US Navy warships are headed to the area to support Israel.