Woman Finds Cougar on Couch After Midnight, Blames Taxidermy

Any homeowner has played the scene out in their heads a million times:  What would I do if there were an intruder in my home?

Is there an alarm system?  Where do I keep a firearm…or at the very least a golf club?  Will the neighbors be able to hear me scream for help?

But, for one California woman, a post-midnight trip to the living room revealed the sort of home invader that one doesn’t ever expect to encounter.

Taxidermy trophy heads mounted on the interior walls of a California home attracted a hungry intruder, police say. A mountain lion jumped from a fence and broke through a glass window at a San Bruno home early Tuesday morning but was scared off by the homeowners, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Police in the San Francisco suburb say the animal, which has not been located, probably thought the large game heads, including an elk and a bison, were food. “While mountain lion sightings are fairly common throughout Northern California, this type of incident is out of the ordinary,” police said in a press release, offering tips for residents to reduce the risk of encountering a mountain lion.

Steve, who is one of the homeowners, was incredibly able to shoo the big cat back out of the window from which it had entered.  No one in the home was hurt, and the cougar was seemingly unharmed as well.