WILD VIDEO: Anti-Mask Flashmob Marches Through Target Store

There is a strong and stern debate taking place here in the US these days, and it touches on the raw nerve of freedom.

Not freedom in the written sense, but in the guttural, inalienable sense.  We’re talking about the freedom to do as you please.  The sort of freedom that you can only get here in America.

The freedom to take risks with your health and well-being.

At a Target store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a group of shoppers decided that they were no longer going to be told to wear a mask while shopping.

“Alright. We’re tired of shopping with masks on,” Chris Nelson, who organized the event, said while holding up his phone as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” began to play in the background.

“And now, we’re taking our masks off because we’re done with it,” he said as others began taking their masks off in the store.

“Breathe. Breathe. You’re Americans. Breathe,” one woman said as she marched through the store.

Cristina Gomez, the Florida woman who made headlines after speaking out against a mask mandate before the Palm Beach County Commission meeting over the summer, was among the protesters. During the meeting, she stated that masks are killing people and told commissioners that “We the People are waking up” while warning against the “devil’s law.”

“Take off that mask. That’s the only way it’s going to work if we all unite!” she exclaimed. “It’s all about choice.”

The video was simply stunning.

Given the popularity of the video, we can only imagine that this sort of thing could go viral, and a multitude of copycats could soon be staging their own rebellions.