White House Warning on Vote Counting Delays Faces Major Resistance


As America heads to the polls on Tuesday, there are a number of vast and turbulent story lines to follow in a number of particularly heated races.

And, despite the fact that the mainstream media will be gearing up for primetime bombshells, and attempting to dazzle us with all the latest in touchscreen technology, the White House is warning that we may not have any sort of answers about the winners and losers for a few days.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was blasted Monday for saying that waiting a couple of days for results is how elections are “supposed to work.” 

“We may not know all the winners of elections for a few days. It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner,” Jean-Pierre told reporters at the White House press briefing. “That’s how this is supposed to work.”

The assertion did not sit well with some experts.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warned, “Counting ballots after Election Day undermines voter confidence.”

Hudson Institute senior fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs quipped, “Narrator: this is not, in fact, how it’s supposed to work.”

Commentator Rick DeVos slammed the announcement, appearing to say it was a bad attempt at assuaging concerns about the electoral process.

“This stuff is rapidly becoming like a 10 year old trying to use the ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ after seeing it in the movie. ‘That’s how this is supposed to work.’ ‘That’s HOW this is supposed to work.’ ‘That’s how this is SUPPOSED to work,’” he quipped. “Dad chuckles, smiles, pats kid on head.”

And also:

The host of “The Situation with Michael Brown” and former Under Secretary of Homeland Security Michael D. Brown was one of many commentators who expressed skepticism that, despite improving technology, elections now somehow take longer to process.

“Not only is she just flat stupid, but think about this. When we counted paper ballots, or punched ballots (sans FL 2000) we knew the results almost always by midnight. Not two weeks. This insanity has to stop,” he said.

Of course, some of the vote counting delays will be due to absentee ballots, such as those used by our overseas military personnel, whose votes may not arrive directly on election day.