White House Quashes UGLY Rumors About 2024 Election


The morale within the Democratic Party may be sinking lower than Joe Biden’s own approval rating, and you can tell by the tension between the White House and the electorate at-large.

Earlier this week, reports began piling up about high-level Democrats who were ready to Joe Biden to be written out of the 2024 conversation.  Not only would another run make him the oldest guy to ever do so, but his performance in office just doesn’t deserve it.

And so, as strategists and lawmakers continue to express their concerns about the possibility that Biden will take to the campaign trail again, the White House is reiterating that this is precisely what POTUS is thinking.

The White House repeated that President Joe Biden did plan on running for reelection in 2024, despite growing questions about his age and economic record.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre fired off a message on social media about the president’s political plans for the future.

“To be clear, as the President has said repeatedly, he plans to run in 2024,” she wrote on Monday evening.

That wasn’t all, however.

Earlier Monday, Jean-Pierre tried to ward off questions about the president’s future political plans by alluding to the Hatch act.

“I cannot talk about elections, I cannot be a political analyst from here, or the midterms or anything like that including 2024,” she said during the White House press briefing when asked by a reporter about Biden’s political future.

Jean-Pierre noted that Biden had previously answered the question about whether he was running for reelection and that he had previously answered in the affirmative.

“I can’t say more than that,” she replied.

Biden’s approval rating is now at an historic low for a modern-day President, with only unelected Gerald Ford’s abysmal polling still worse.