White House on Defense After Reporter Calls Out Biden’s Silence

For much of the nine months that Joe Biden has been reluctantly saddled with the US Presidency, he’s remained as far from the cameras and questions as possible.

In fact, there are man within the punditry who see Biden as the sort of President who is going to do the bare minimum, having been railroaded into the nomination by a Democratic Party whose only concern was electability – not effectiveness.

Combined with the longtime politician’s inability to string together too many coherent sentences before devolving into gibberish, and we have a situation in which the Commander in Chief’s entire presence is managed and muted as often as his handlers can get away with it.

This hasn’t sat well with at least one member of the White House press corps.

White House reporter Brian Karem, who became known during the Trump administration for his aggressive style when asking questions, asked to have the same opportunity with Biden.

“I’m sure there have been dozens who would humbly request that the president of the United States not only do a town hall, but show up, either in this room or in the East Room, to appear before the full press for a robust round of questions that will no doubt benefit the American public,” Karem told White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Biden is appearing at a “town hall” event on CNN Thursday evening.

The White House was almost immediately on defense.

Jean-Pierre interjected and claimed Biden “takes questions all the time,” adding that it is a “large press corps.”

Jean-Pierre’s defensiveness has revealed more than her words, however, and the angst directed at Biden’s silence will likely continue for some time.