White House Lashes Out! Says Facebook is ‘Killing’ People

It’s not too often that the left side of the aisle is complaining about the way that Facebook is acting.  After all, the social media giant has been consistently taking aim at conservatives and other assorted Republicans over the course of the last several years.

But now the Biden administration is looking to shift the blame for their own inability to compel Americans into receiving COVID-19 vaccines.  In this pursuit, they’ve begun to insinuate that Facebook’s decision to leave some anti-vaccine information on their platform is “killing” people.

The White House isn’t backing down from its harsh criticism of Facebook after President Biden on Friday accused the social media giant of “killing people” with misinformation about coronavirus vaccinations.

A Biden administration source revealed to Fox News on Saturday that the very public callout of Facebook followed months of frustration with the platform for failing to stamp out “dangerous” information about the vaccinations that have spread online.

The White House has been seeking help from Facebook and other social media sites since February on stopping misinformation from going viral, such as the myth that getting the shot will cause infertility.

Facebook has been receiving heavy criticism from free speech advocates in recent years, thank to the aforementioned bouts of censorship that appeared to be aimed squarely at the right side of the aisle.