White House Dog Bites are Sign of Trouble, Say Behavior Experts

Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office was advertised to much of the nation as a “return to the status quo”.  The Democrats billed Biden as the guy who’d bring everything back to the way it was after the Trump experiment, and let us all settle down for a bit.

And, in returning to the normalcy of the pre-Trump era, Biden would be bringing dogs back onto the property – something that No. 45 uniquely abstained from.

Further, dog lovers were excited to welcome the first-ever rescue dog to the White House, which they hoped would help break the stigma of adoption and put a dent in the cruel business of puppy milling.

But, after two biting incidents, dog experts are concerned that perhaps it’s not the pooch who is to blame.

High-profile dog experts are speaking out about what they believe is really causing President Biden’s dog Major to act out after he reportedly bit two people at the White House in recent weeks, according to a report.

Cesar Millan, known for the Emmy-nominated television series “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” described the White House environment as “a place full of tension.” He said the problem doesn’t lie with Major, but the situation and people the dog is surrounded by.

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“It’s not the dog,” he told Politico. “What Major is saying is that he doesn’t feel safe yet. And if he doesn’t feel safe, he can’t trust. And if he can’t trust, he can’t feel calm.”

Professional dog trainer Larry Krohn said a dog’s behavior, whether it’s good or bad, is created in the environment that the canine lives in. “Where it spends its time. The people it spends its time with,” he said.

Krohn added that behavior comes out of fear and insecurities, which he said is typical in the German shepherd breed — like Major, “especially when it’s not a well-bred dog.”

Neither incident resulted in any sort of serious injury for those involved, and the problem pup has both met with trainers and been banished back to Delaware on account of the issue.