WH Explains Biden Reaction To Smoothie


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre once again showed her true colors during a recent press conference, as she dodged and danced around a simple question from a Fox Business reporter. The question was regarding President Biden and his reaction to a $6 smoothie during a recent trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“Last Friday, the president was at a coffee shop in Pennsylvania, and he seemed to be surprised that the smoothie was $6 and how expensive it was. I’m curious. So is the president now realizing the costs that Americans are bearing?”FOX Business reporter Edward Lawrence asked Jean-Pierre.

Lawrence simply asked why Biden seemed surprised by the cost of the smoothie and if this meant he was finally realizing the financial hardships facing Americans. But instead of addressing the question head-on, Jean-Pierre resorted to her usual tactics of deflecting and blaming Republicans.

In her response, Jean-Pierre initially laughed off the question and then claimed that Biden was simply “having a good time” and “joking around” with the press corps. She then went on to tout the supposed success of the small business boom in Allentown, completely avoiding the topic of the expensive smoothie.

“So, look, when he went over to you all, to the press corps, he was having a good time, right? And offered, as you know, offered to buy them coffee,” she said. “There was a big group there, and he made sure everyone got coffee and pastries. So, I just want to make that really clear.”

But Lawrence wasn’t ready to let Jean-Pierre off the hook that easily. He rephrased his question, specifically asking about Biden’s reaction to the $6 price tag. But once again, Jean-Pierre refused to answer and instead launched into a tirade about the American Rescue Plan, which she claims has given Americans confidence in the economy.

It’s ironic that Jean-Pierre would bring up the American Rescue Plan, which was not supported by a single Republican. If anyone is responsible for the current state of the economy, it’s the Democrats and their reckless spending. The trillions of dollars pumped into the economy by Biden and his cronies have only worsened inflation and put a financial strain on ordinary Americans.

Inflation, which has skyrocketed under Biden’s watch, has made it nearly impossible for most households to afford basic necessities like food and rent. According to calculations by Fox Business, food prices are up 33.7% since the start of 2021, while shelter costs have risen by 18.7%. Americans are now paying an average of $1,020 more each month compared to just two years ago, and it’s all thanks to Biden’s policies.

But Jean-Pierre seemed unfazed as she continued to spin the narrative in favor of the administration. She claimed that Republicans don’t want small businesses to succeed and are not interested in lowering healthcare costs for Americans. This, of course, is a baseless accusation and just another attempt to shift the blame onto the opposing party.

It’s clear that the White House press secretary will go to great lengths to protect Biden and his administration. She will deflect, spin, and even laugh off legitimate questions from the media if it means avoiding any criticism of the president. But the American people are not blind. They can see the state of the economy and the failure of Biden’s policies to improve their financial situations.

Unfortunately, it seems Jean-Pierre and the rest of the administration are content with ignoring the struggles of everyday Americans and continuing down their path of reckless spending and failed policies. The $6 smoothie may have been a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but it represents the ever-growing burden placed on the American people by the Biden administration. It’s time for the press secretary to stop dodging and start taking responsibility for their actions.

Fox Business