WH Corrects Record After Biden Speech


Joe Bidenscharm offensive in Ireland has been met with criticism and ridicule after the US President confused a famous rugby team from New Zealand with a notorious British paramilitary group.

During an appearance at the Windsor Pub in Dundalk on the first day of his trip, Biden was attempting to reference the All Blacks New Zealands nationally renowned rugby team and instead invoked the Black and Tans.

Im so proud to be here, so proud to be in Louth, so proud to be with I dont want to ruin their reputation, but Biden whispered the Kearneys are relatives.

And the closing comment I make: You see this tie I have with this shamrock on it? This was given to me by one of these guys right here. He was a hell of a rugby player, and he beat the hell out of the Black and Tans. Oh, God, Biden continued, prompting laughter from the crowd.

The Black and Tans were English officers who were recruited to the Royal Irish Constabulary and fought against the Irish Republican Army during Irelands war for independence (19191921). The group is infamous for its brutality and the nameBlack and Tan is considered a pejorative.

Republican critics of Bidens gaffe have expressed outrage at the Presidents insensitivity to the history of Irelands struggle for independence. One member of the Irish Parliament, Pearse Doherty, released a statement saying,The Black and Tans were an occupying force sent to terrorise and oppress the people of Ireland. It is an insult to their memory and to the memory of all those who fought against them that Joe Biden would make light of their name.

The White House has since corrected the transcript to show that Biden meant to say the All Blacks, and a White House official, Amanda Sloan, confirmed the mistake. However, Bidens misstatement has still caused considerable anger among Republicans, who are disappointed that the US President would not show the same respect for Irelands history as he did for other countries he has visited.