WHOA: Wild Video Purports to Show Sasquatches Stalking Deer


In the deepest and darkest woods of North America, there is said to be a clandestine creature, resembling a large ape and walking upright.

I’m speaking of course about Sasquatch:  The legendary cryptid who was allegedly filmed for the first time in Northern California in the middle of the 20th century, and who has been spotted countless times since.

But, since no body has ever been studied, (or even located), mainstream science tends to dismiss these sightings as cases of mistaken identity, delirium, or hoaxes…even in the face of compelling video evidence.

This week, one Canadian man entered his own piece of Sasquatch lore to the record with a remarkable bit of video.

A creepy video captured by a man in Canada appears to show a pair of eerie figures stalking a deer in a forest and some suspect that the odd interlopers could have been Bigfoot. The strange scene was filmed earlier this year by Terence Leano as he was doing a live demonstration of his throat singing technique for his TikTok channel. As the start of the video, he acknowledges a deer that has emerged from the nearby woods in what he theorized was the creature “looking for where the sound was coming from” as he was talking to the viewers moments earlier. Leano then begins throat singing and the mesmerizing sound not only seems to draw the attention of the deer, but also appears to attract some rather unsettling and mysterious observers.

The two creatures weren’t noticed during the original encounter.

As Leano is singing, he positions the camera to film the deer watching him and, at that moment, a pair of dark figures emerge from behind some trees off in the distance. It was only later that viewers noticed the curious ‘audience members’ in the forest that had gone unnoticed at the time that the video was filmed. Given the woodland setting of the scene, some observers have suggested that perhaps Leano’s throat singing had not only caused the deer to coming looking, but also led to a pair of Sasquatch to ‘investigate’ the situation.

Skeptics have suggested that the figures captured on film weren’t Sasquatch at all, instead insisting that the movement may have been caused by deer who hadn’t yet fully emerged from the forest.

You can make your own determination below: