WATCH: Iowa Man Shoots Footage of ‘Eyeball’ UFO


Americans from coast to coast across this great land will be looking up to the skies over the weekend, as out nation celebrates our independence from Britain with the typical loud boomy stuff.

The lights in the night sky around the 4thof July are meant to resemble “the bombs bursting in air” from the Star Spangled Banner, and if you’re close enough to professional grade munitions you can feel it in your chest.

But there were other lights in the sky this week, as a gentleman from Iowa proved via the media.

A motorist in Iowa was left mystified when he glanced out his window and spotted an odd glowing orb hovering in the night sky. The strange sighting reportedly occurred this past Tuesday evening as witness Jacob Ferrell was driving through the city of Des Moines. “It was like an eyeball-looking UFO,” he recalled to TV station KCCI, “I don’t know what to make of it.” Fortunately, Ferrell had the wherewithal to capture some of the sighting with his cell phone. “It was kind of just hovering there in the sky just standing still,” he marveled, “it was just too weird.”

He even had the government stumped.

Although he suspected that the object might have been something related to SpaceX, Farrell ultimately conceded that he had no idea what the anomaly was. An attempt by KCCI to get to the bottom of the mystery left them without any answers from the FAA. The witness did, however, submit his sighting to the National UFO reporting center and director Peer Davenport told the TV station that “I have no reason to believe it is an alien spacecraft.”

Those who had a hard time believing that that footage truly depicted a UFO seemed to suggest that Davenport had mistaken either an outgoing airplane or a windshield smudge for his spacecraft.

You can be the judge of that in the video below: