WATCH: INSANE Footage From Idaho Claims to Show ENORMOUS Sasquatch

With Americans still reeling from the strange and sudden chaos of the last two years, (what with a global pandemic et all), it can be a little difficult to remind ourselves of what’s really real.

For instance, up until a year or so ago, we had never heard of Murder Hornets, but, suddenly, here they were.  And no one ever imagined that the Pentagon would be willing to peel back the curtain on their UFO knowledge, and now they’re releasing videos shot my American military personnel of all manner of sightings.

Now, somewhere in the wilds of Idaho, a stunningly clear piece of bigfoot footage is turning heads.

An intriguing video circulating online purportedly shows a massive Bigfoot walking through the wilderness, though some viewers insist that it’s simply too good to be true. The rather remarkable piece of footage appeared on YouTube last week and, as is often the case with curious scenes that possibly feature Sasquatch, little is known about the origin of the material except that it is said to have been filmed in Idaho. Be that as it may, it’s one of the more jaw-dropping alleged Bigfoot videos by virtue of just how close the creature appears to be as well as its considerable size.

The video is remarkable.

But is it too good?  Critics seem to believe so, and have largely written the footage off as yet another elaborate hoax.