WATCH: Gang of Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts Town


We have officially arrived at the beginning of fall.  The onset of the autumnal season.

The leaves will soon be changing, and the air will soon begin to turn sharper and cooler.  Pumpkin spice everything will be on shelves and, before you know it, little ghouls and goblins will be knocking on your door looking to gorge themselves on candy.

Then, soon after, we’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving, digging through family recipes for the best way to prepare the bird.

Well, except for the people of Woburn, Massachusetts, who are currently dealing with a violent gang of turkeys who’ve been terrorizing the town.

According to a local media report, the strange showdown is currently unfolding in the community of Woburn, where four of the ferocious fowl have seemingly laid claim to a specific set of streets. Resident Meaghan Tolson, who lives in the proverbial war zone, has even gone so far as to name the birds in what may be an early sign of Stockholm syndrome. “The most aggressive one is Kevin,” she said, “then there are three ladies because their coloring isn’t so distinct. It’s Esther, Gladys and Patricia.”

These animals are known for their carjacking attempts.

The quartet of quarrelsome birds have been facing off with people living in the neighborhood for the last several weeks with Tolson saying that she has captured nearly a dozen encounters with the territorial turkeys on video. “Even if you are parked, Kevin will try to get in your car,” she explained, “you have to open your passenger side door and lure them over there, then make a clean break to the house.” Neighbor April Drolette echoed that experience, lamenting that “there have been times I’m trapped in my car, can’t get out, and have to call family members. They usually bring an umbrella. It takes a team.”

Wildlife experts have suggested that residents keep a large umbrella handy, and use it to appear “dominant” to the birds, forcing them away.

Video of the uncanny scenes can be watched below: