While doorbell cameras are certainly all the rage right now, giving plenty of people some very much needed peace of mind, they are a bit of a catch-22 at times.

This is because ignorance is bliss, you see?  If you’re not looking outside 100% percent of the time, (which is what your Ring doorbell is doing), then you’re not filling your mind with every weird little thing that you see.  A car slows down a bit to look at your house number. Someone pulls in the driveway, lingers before turning around.  Coyotes cutting across the same front yard that you left your 8lb poodle out into in the dark for one last nightly bathroom break.

Or, about a full-bodied ghostly apparition that vanishes as soon as it hits the sidewalk?

The spooky video was reportedly captured last November in the city of Tuscon, but only came to light this past week when the homeowner shared it online in the hopes of figuring what had appeared outside their house that night. The peculiar footage initially appears to show a quiet residential road with no activity unfolding in the area, however it takes a weird turn when a nebulous form suddenly emerges from off camera.

And it gets even creepier…

As the curious interloper comes into clearer view, it begins to resemble a transparent figure that then quickly walks across the street. Adding an additional layer of weirdness to the footage, the mysterious form simply disappears shortly after it reaches the sidewalk. As one might imagine, the human-like shape of the anomaly combined with its transparent nature and unnerving ‘exit’ from the scene has led some to theorize that it was a full-bodied apparition out for something of a late night stroll.

So, has a spectral visitor arrived in the southwest, or is this just a figment of the camera’s pixelated imagination?   You can be the judge below: