WaPo Calls Americans ‘Spoiled’, Suggests Lowering Expectations for Biden

Of all the ways in which the mainstream media has tried to defend the unbelievable failures of the Biden administration, perhaps this is the most ridiculous.

There are no shortage of issues facing the administration, from the border crisis to the highly unpopular attempts to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations within private companies, but the latest catastrophe on the horizon has to do with the supply chain, and how things are about to get very scarce in America in the coming days.

For one writer over at The Washington Post, this wasn’t an issue of leadership, however, it was an issue of Americans being “spoiled”.

The Washington Post was ripped Tuesday after publishing a piece calling on “spoiled” Americans to stop ranting about short-staffed businesses and supply chain issues, and instead lower their expectations in the hope that things will get straightened out.

“Time for some new, more realistic expectations,” columnist Micheline Maynard wrote after describing how Americans were used to fast service and easy access to consumer products until the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain. “American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience.”

The backlash against the ridiculous suggestion was swift and stern.

Some critics even compared the call for Americans to accept empty store shelves to living in the former Soviet Union, which was often plagued by shortages in consumer goods.

“Good news: it’s the 1980s again. Bad news: it’s Soviet Russia’s version of the 1980s, complete with Pravda,” wrote Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway.

Of course, if Maynard is to be believed, than her column appears to be a ringing endorsement of former President Donald Trump, under whom no such diminishing of expectations was suggested by the Post.