Voter Fraud Scandal Engulfs ‘Fat Bear Week’


As the midterm elections approach, our nation was sure to find itself mired in a rather contentious debate about electoral security and the sanctity of the American ballot.

This is especially true after the 2020 debacle, in which then-President Donald Trump repeatedly suggested that the election was “stolen” from him, or “rigged” in some way.

Now, weeks ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, voter fraud has reared its ugly head again, this time in the coveted “Fat Bear Contest” of Katmai National Park.

The Fat Bear Week competition in Alaska was hit with storm of cheating claims after organizers found thousands of fake votes were made for Sunday’s winner.

The Katmai National Park, which hosts a bracket-style contest for bears pictured at the Alaskan park, overturned the election results between Bear 747 and his opponent, Holly.

After removing more than 7,000 fraudulent votes, Bear 747 won with 37,940 votes against Holly’s 30,430.

Holly’s loss had some Twitter users up in arms.

Many on Twitter were heartbroken by Holly’s loss, who was the 2019 Fat Bear Week champion, but couldn’t help themselves to compare the election with that of the 2020 presidential election.

Referencing the January 6 riots fueled by unfounded claims that the presidential race was stolen, Twitter user Liz St Clair wrote: ‘NOOOOoooooo I was so happy when I saw Holly was leading. I feel like storming the national parks on Jan 6th.’

Another Twitter user with the handle HottenAnnie joined in on the joke, tweeting: ‘Careful. We don’t want people violently storming the park.

Others tweeted, ‘STOP THE STEAL,’ and ‘STOP THE COUNT,’ the mantra former President Donald Trump touted in his loss against Joe Biden.

Bear 747 will be competing for the crown against the winner of Monday’s match-up, Bear 701, on October 11th.

You can vote at FatBearWeek.Org.