VIDEO: Wild Video Shows 5th Loch Ness Monster Sighting of 2022


Of all of the maybe-real, maybe-not monsters that exist out there in the ethereal layers of our pop culture, there are but four that we could consider the top echelon of “cryptids”.

Bigfoot is likely numero uno.  Let’s face it:  Sasquatch might as well be 100% real at this point, as there are tens of thousands of other species on this planet with less cultural force than the bipedal hominid from the Pacific Northwest.

Coming in second, however, it has to be the Loch Ness Monster:  A supposed sea serpent, (or leftover dinosaur), that has been spotted hundreds of times over the years at a remote body of water in Scotland.

This, despite the first ever sighting having been revealed as a hoax by its perpetrator.

This week, however, the sightings continued.  And, lucky for us, the camera was rolling.

An intriguing piece of footage that was captured during the fifth Nessie sighting of 2022 has been shared online and shows an inexplicable wake in the water that understandably made the witness take notice. The report, which was submitted by a local resident who spotted something unusual in the waters of Loch Ness, made headlines last week when it was given the proverbial thumbs up by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register and accepted as the first time the famed creature may have been spotted since this past April. At the time, all that was made available to the public was a still shot taken from footage captured by the witness. However, the website has now released a short video which shows exactly what was observed in the water.

The video was a bit vague, but still spooky.

In the maddeningly brief footage, a fairly sizeable wake can be seen out on Loch Ness with no discernible object nearby which could explain what might have caused the disturbance. While the weird anomaly is a far cry from the picture of a classic plesiosaur that many may conjure in their mind when imagining the famed monster, the movement on the water is undeniably perplexing and so it is understandable how the witness’ account wound up earning a place in this year’s list of official Nessie sightings.

So, was this an authentic sighting of the mysterious creature, or just a bit of suggestive thinking?

You can judge for yourself below: