VIDEO: Supernatural Activity at Tavern Has Workers Refusing to Work


A local watering hole in Britain got a little too into the Hollywood spirit this week, and it has employees of the well-known bar refusing to work.

The town of Wigan is the setting for the spooky scene, which happened to be captured on the bar’s security cameras.

A security camera at a nightclub in England captured some ghostly activity that has left staff members so shaken that they are now refusing to work at the establishment. According to a local media report, the eerie incident (seen below) occurred early Wednesday morning at Jak’s in the community of Wigan. Alerted to an intruder at the nightclub by way of their security system, manager Taylor McDermott was puzzled when she arrived on the scene and nothing seemed amiss. Checking footage of the moment when the alarm was triggered, she was stunned to see a chair sliding across the floor as if propelled by an unseen force and, shortly thereafter, a glass tumbling to the floor from a nearby bar.

The incident had staff chilled to the core.

“The staff are genuinely scared,” McDermott said, “I shared the footage on our group chat as a laugh but it’s had the opposite effect.” To that end, she claimed that some staff members are now refusing to come into work this weekend and lamented that “I might have to just do the bar myself.”

You can see the wild video below: