VIDEO: Subaru Wagon Jumps Helicopter in Fort Lauderdale


When we hear the word “daredevil”, our minds tend to go to one of two places:  All those poor souls who stuffed themselves into barrels atop Niagara Falls, and Evel Knievel’s lengthy and masochistic career jumping over school buses and fountains on a near-stock Harley Davidson.

And while it is certainly correct to hold some reverence for these trailblazers, the current generation of stunt performers has taken things to a nigh-unbelievable level, as evidenced by Travis Pastrana’s latest harrowing spectacle.

The action sports star’s latest Gymkhana stunt driving video has dropped on YouTube and opens with him dropping out of a window.

Pastrana took the reins of the long-running viral video series from Ken Block in 2020, and this year’s effort begins with him base jumping from a tall building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After a short beach-side recovery, he hops into a 1983 Subaru GL wagon and goes for a spin around town, quite literally at times.

It is not an ordinary Subaru, of course. It is called The Family Huckster and been rebuilt with an 862 horsepower engine, a rally style hand brake for initiating slides and carbon fiber bodywork with active aerodynamic panels that open up to use the air to affect its handling, braking and just look cool.

Then things got really wild.

On the way, he drag races a 3,000 hp Chevrolet El Camino and tears down a viaduct alongside a low-flying jet before jumping a bridge at over 160 mph.


Pastrana also jumped an open bridge with a helicopter hovering beneath him.

Pastrana also jumped an open bridge with a helicopter hovering beneath him. (Hoonigan)

Since that was pretty much a piece of cake, he follows up by jumping over an open bridge with a helicopter hovering beneath the gap. No big deal.

And, if that hasn’t pushed your blood pressure through the roof, the entire video can be seen below.