Video Shows Trump Boarding Plane with Boxes 3 Days After Feds Asked for Docs


A new twist to the tale has arrived in the case of the allegedly classified documents being stored by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, and it could see the DOJ or FBI performing another raid of a Trump property.

The former President stands accused of improperly storing the documents at his Florida estate, despite his repeated declaration that the files were declassified before he left office.

A newly discovered video now purports to show Trump boarding an airplane with a number of boxes all the way back in May, just three days after the Feds began pestering him about the documents.

Former President Donald Trump can be seen boarding a plane along with a parade of groaningly heavy file boxes in a resurfaced video that was taken 3 days after the federal government contacted Trump about missing documents.

Trump is currently under multiple investigations that could result in criminal charges, including Justice Department probes into his mishandling of classified information under the Espionage Act and his conduct surrounding the January 6 insurrection, and a Fulton County probe of election interference.

But it’s the documents seized during the FBI search of  Mar-a-Lago that have dominated news coverage since the raid. Concern has continued to mount with every bombshell revelation, like the court filing that showed that the evidence seized from Mar-a-Lago contained “43 Empty Folders with ‘CLASSIFIED’ Banners” and a total of 48 empty folders with “classified” markings.

Another report said that nuclear secrets of an unidentified country were among the seized documents.On Saturday morning, Meidas Touch posted an intriguing video from last year, writing “Video from May 8, 2021 shows Trump boarding a jet from Florida to Bedminster with multiple boxes bearing a strong resemblance to boxes of top secret materials found at Mar-a-Lago. On May 6, NARA had contacted Trump’s team saying documents were missing and may be at Mar-a-Lago.”

The video was soon circulating on social media:

No charges have been filed against Donald Trump as of this writing, and some political experts have suggested that any such indictment could lead to civil unrest in America, particularly if they should occur after Trump announces his 2024 campaign.