VIDEO: Russian Missile Pivots, Returns to Sender in Ukraine


If we had to sum up the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine thus far, there are two words that would be rather accurate:  Brutal and embarrassing.

Brutal, because the consistent failures of the troops sent to invade the sovereign nation have forced them to commit a nonstop parade of war crimes in hopes of terrorizing the Ukrainian people into capitulation.

But these desperate measures have been taken due to the Kremlin’s complete and utter failure to prepare an adequate fighting force.  The once-feared Russian army has been reduced in stature to that of a sick dog.  Morale is circling the drain, and the antiquated equipment being shuttled to the front lines isn’t helping any.

This week, in an ironically-symbolic malfunction, a Russian missile did an about-face in the air and returned to sender.

DRAMATIC video captures the moment a Russian surface-to-air missile system fires on itself in a bizarre malfunction.

In the footage, the missile can be seen shooting into the sky – before turning mid-air and slamming back into where it came from in an enormous explosion.

The short clip was reportedly shot in the Ukrainian city of Alchevsk in the Luhansk region, which is under the occupation of pro-Russian separatist forces and is on the front line of the war in Ukraine.

It was filmed in the early hours of Friday morning when Russian troops reportedly launched a missile to intercept an oncoming Ukrainian plane.

The almost-comical malfunction can be seen below: