WATCH: Neighbors Irate After Late Night ‘Pruner’ Shows Up on Security Footage


Nobody really likes doing yard work.  We all love the results, of course, and there are few things more satisfying to gaze upon than a well-manicured lawn or garden, but it’s the actual weeding, planting, pruning, and mowing that we’re not all that interested in.

But, at the same time, there are very few of us who’d be comfortable with the idea of strangers just showing up and arbitrarily making changes to the way our yards look.

That’s why one neighborhood in Texas is growing irate.

Residents of a neighborhood in Texas are puzzled by a mysterious man who has been seen roaming the streets at night randomly pruning people’s trees. According to a local media report, home security cameras have spotted the curious character practicing his handiwork outside of multiple houses in the city of Fort Worth over the last few weeks. Accompanied by an unleashed dog and generally appearing around three in the morning, the man seemingly possesses a passion for pruning as one resident observed that “he starts trimming the tree and admiring his work and kind of stepping back.” What was first a weird occurrence has now become a genuine concern to homeowners who have taken to calling the peculiar individual Edward Scissorhands.

There doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason to it, either.

“Sometimes he’ll just take a little bit,” Ashley Thomann explained, “but then in other people’s trees he’ll take massive gobs.” It would seem the latter scenario was the case with Jerry Balkenbush, who initially thought that a bad storm had caused a tree in his yard to lose several of its branches until his wife told him about the odd man who had become the talk of the neighborhood. Understandably a bit unsettled by the phantom pruner’s odd late-night behavior, they are particularly perturbed by how much more frequent and widespread the incidents have become with a whopping 12 trees on three different streets being struck in one night last week.

Worse still:  Some neighbors are concerned that the presumptuous pruner could damage their trees to the point that the local homeowners’ association will start handing out fines for non-compliance of their strict foliage policies.

Video of the mystery clipper can be seen below: