VIDEO: MASSIVE Migrant Caravan Crosses into El Paso


The Biden administration’s unwillingness to address the issues at the southern border have been a stain on the White House for nearly two years now, and the issue is growing every more unwieldy by the week.

Just days ago, for instance, an enormous mass of migrants streamed into El Paso, Texas, putting a bit of an exclamation point on the crisis itself ahead of a visit by the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Video reports from El Paso, Texas, indicate that a record-setting large group of more than 1,000 migrants crossed the border overnight from Mexico. Border Patrol agents reportedly have more than 5,000 in custody with nowhere to place new migrant arrivals.

A video tweeted by @PSAFLIVE Monday morning reveals a steady stream of migrants crossing the border from Mexico into El Paso. The group of more than 1,000 migrants who crossed overnight is understood to be one of the largest-ever single migrant crossing events in U.S. history.

The images are simply stunning.

Other videos emerged as well.

Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed as “border czar” early in President Biden’s first term, but refused to even visit the border for 90 days after taking on the responsibility, highlighting the administration’s lack of effort on the issue.