VIDEO: ‘Ghost’ Manifests on Security Cam Outside of MN Home

Free public domain CC0 photo.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Security cameras on the outside of one’s home can sometimes make us less secure than we were before them.

That’s because, for every known crime, (stolen lawnmower in the middle of the night, for example), there are perhaps dozen of potential, attempted, or rehearsed crimes that we would only know about thanks to the cameras.  This can be unnerving, especially for those who make it a habit to watch every motion-detected, pixelated frame that the surveillance device creates.

But, beyond the creepers and the peepers, some folks are discovering even more terrifying images on their security cameras.

An eerie video from a home security system in Minnesota shows a ghostly figure seemingly manifest out of thin air and then walk along a road in front of a house. The spooky incident reportedly occurred earlier this month in the community of Pierz when Cory Fletcher’s dog began barking as if someone was outside their residence. Since the animal only behaves that way when there is someone at the door, her owner assumed that they had an unexpected visitor. However, when he went to greet them, Fletcher was left scratching his head as there was no one to be found. The man was even more mystified when he checked his home security system and saw something truly strange on the footage.

This is where things get downright spooky…

In the video, his dog can be heard barking as a somewhat nebulous form appears outside of the home across the street. As the puzzling anomaly heads towards Fletcher’s house, it takes on the shape of a figure without any visible legs. The possible apparition then ‘walks’ down the street until it dissipates just before leaving the view of the camera. Strangely, the homeowner says that the system will specifically note human or animal trespassers and, in this instance, the strange interloper received no such recognition.

The spooky footage can be seen below: